Five Towns
Music and Arts Foundation


Five Towns Music and Art Foundation is proud of the achievements of our winners. Below are the winners from the recent competitions. Click here to view some reknown previous winners.

2018 1st Prize
Seth Schulteis -- MSM Hao Hu -- Mannes
2018 2nd Prize
Seho Young -- Princeton University
Grace Hwoang -- Aaron Copland Sch of Music
2018 3rd Prize
Long Jiaqi-- Julliard
David Szabo -- Aaron Copland Sch of Music
2017 1st Prize
Yi Yang Chen -- Julliard Victoria Davis -- Oberlin Conservatory
2017 2nd Prize
Ziang Yu -- Mannes Celeste Godin -- New England Conservatory
2017 3rd Prize
Ryan Soeyadi -- Julliard Janani Srihar -- Oberlin Conservatory
2016 1st Prize
Baichao Lan -- New England Conservatory Yulan Piao -- MSM
2016 2nd Prize
Soyoung Choe -- Julliard Jennifer Russo -- Aaron Copeland Sch of Music
2016 3rd Prize
Sisi Liu -- MSM, John Hahn -- MSM Crystal Glenn -- MSM
2015 1st Prize
Edward Leung -- Princeton Galeano Salas -- Yale
2015 2nd Prize
Jun Sun -- Julliard Rachel Policar -- MSM
2015 3rd Prize
Chia Chin Wu -- MSM Rocky Sellers -- MSM
2014 1st Prize
Michelle Nam -- MSM Stephen Daniel -- Yale
2014 2nd Prize
Vincent Ip -- MSM Gina Perregrino -- MSM
2014 3rd Prize
Sohee Hwang -- MSM Antonia Tamer -- Miami, Suzanne Kapor -- Maryland