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Conceived and initiated in 1986 by Selma Seider, the Young Musician's Competition was an extension of the programs offered by the Five Towns Music and Arts Association to the local community.

Selma Seider was a co-founder of that organization in the 1960s. While raising her family, she taught piano to multiple generations of residents, composed music, and for over 50 years, was know in the town as "the piano teacher".

Selma Seider graduated from Julliard College in 1947. She moved to Hewlett in 1950. She organized numerous volunteer efforts for veteran's organizations "52" and "S.E.R.V.E. The Handicapped". But her first love was helping aspiring artists get recognition and encouragement to pursue professional careers. She died in 2012.

Rinat Joseph took over leadership of the Young Musician's Competition in 2012. Rinat and her volunteers have modernized the competition communications and established new relationships with the next generation of teachers and world class judges. The competition draws artists from every major country and has a impressive list of alumni winners.



Selma Seider and Rinat Joseph